"We are using E-Driver File to give information tools to first level supervision and keep their management informed of those compliance issues. It also gives our EH&S group a guide for internal audits that keep our "Satisfactory" rating and code of ethics intact."
- Mike Mc Callister, Safety Director at a major energy company with close to 3000 CDL drivers

"We first used a vendor to assist us in our compliance efforts. This did not work for our organization. Only when we took the project in-house were we able to get a handle on the compliance issues we were experiencing...At HQ we utilize the E-Driver File, one DOT Administration Officer, and one DOT Coordinator to keep track of DQF and driver logs. We use a third party vendor to manage drug and alcohol.  This system works very well for us. We have approximately 628 drivers, 403 are CDL holders and a total of 304 vehicles."
- National DOT Compliance Officer, major emergency services provider