What is E-Driver File?
E-Driver File is a secure driver and vehicle management database that you access via web browser. It sends your managers reminders and “to-do” lists by email about items that you deem critical to maintaining an excellent safety and compliance track record.

This affordable program is designed to assist with managing both employee and vehicle data. It also keeps a diary and reports on key expiration dates, facilitate self-audits and help manage D.O.T. and regulatory compliance, maintain driver qualifications and events, stream-line accident and workers comp reporting, and automatically notify you of all pending issues. There are many other features, but these are just some of the basics. Please explore this site for more information and call anytime for your FREE in-depth tour.

The data and workflows maintained by the system are designed to pull together the varied processes in place at your company, and provide:
Streamlined data management in an easy to use interface.
Richer management reports.
Eliminate duplicate entry work such as tracking on several spreadsheets.

Virtually every company that has drivers and/or operates vehicles can benefit from using E-Driver File.
Most companies express a strong desire to comply with the safety regulations affecting their fleet, but have difficulty maintaining their record keeping due to factors such as:
Frequent driver turnover
Decentralized control of hiring
Numerous locations
Diverse operations or subsidiaries
Location managers who are not versed in complying with these regulations

E-Driver File was designed by “real-world” fleet managers. It is easy to navigate and reduces the workload for your team. The program enables managers to focus on results rather than administration.