1. We Manage the Process with You
Our company manages both the data and the process. Where “traditional” software suites require your staff to request reports, review and distribute data to various locations for follow up, our program provides “the right information at the right time to the right people”.

2. Escalation of Reminder Notices
If a location supervisor is unable to take action on a reminder notice in a timely fashion, late notices will automatically escalate to a higher level of management. The process is designed to assure that action is taken prior to any critical anniversary date.

3. Meaningful Management Reports
In addition to weekly “action alerts” regarding key anniversary dates, we’ve designed the system to provide useful management information reports to help your team manage safety, compliance and risk management issues. Key report types include:
Random selection of active drivers
Event history by active driver
Crash/Injury analysis by type, location, tenure, age, etc.
Turnover analysis
Accident register (DOT only, or list all)
Driver qualification summaries

4. Automatic Upgrades, Low Cost
With E-Driver File, you don’t need to manage software updates – we handle all upgrades and maintenance centrally at our data facility. Additionally, by using the Internet to securely access your data at our facility, you do not need to extend local area networks, install new hardware or servers. (We can configure a custom version to run on your company’s network if needed!)

5. Harnessing the power of the Web
With E-Driver File, you have remote, real time access for data entry, editing, and report analysis. Additionally, there is no practical limit to the number driver records stored, or to the number of users who can access the data at any given time. Best of all, the system doesn’t place an additional burden on existing technology support staff as there is no software to install or service – and we handle any change requests that may arise.

6. Vehicle Information is covered, too!
E-Driver File also provides a wealth of detail about your physical assets, too. We cover issues like:
Permit expirations
FHWA inspection dates
CVSA decal expirations
General inspection reminders
Lease information
Dynamic links to assigned operators and/or vendor files

7. The most experienced solution
E-Driver File was fully developed and released in June 2000 – a full two years before any similar system was online or tested. We have the most practical experience with our client base as our programming team is 100% employee based – not subcontracted like some other systems.

8. Security
Our data backup process, communications protocols and disaster recovery plans have been independently audited by experts in this field and are updated periodically. Clients like Sprint Nextel, Duke Energy, JEVIC Transportation and the American Red Cross trust us to hold their sensitive data.

9. Completely customizable
Unlike competing systems, E-Driver File can be tailored to your company’s unique needs. Not every company approaches compliance using the same process. We have a “can-do attitude” towards program customization, not a “one-size fits all” lockstep mentality.

10. No “Nickel & Dime” Tactics
Beware of vendors whose “stated price” doesn’t include upload of your current data, download of your stored data, add-on costs for inactive driver records, and maintenance charges for each file that exceeds a “memory limit”. Also, check to determine what training resources will be included!